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Welcome to Ugly-Bugs where creepy crawly meets fun and learning.

We have a wide collection of critters that will brighten up your child’s party or act as a great, fun interactive learning experience in schools.

Children love nothing better than studying creatures; remember when you were young and you spent the school holidays with a jar of worms or your own little pet spider in a matchbox? Well Ugly Bugs brings you and your children an animal experience that you won’t forget.

We have everything from snakes and snails, to wonderful stick insects and massive spiders! After a few guidelines for the safety of the critters and children, they can learn about and handle each one, making the experience not only fun but educational too.

If you’d like to book a party or one of our “In School Learning Sessions”, then contact us today on 07971 739370 or click here and drop us an e-mail, we will get right back to you.

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